Suzy™ is a consumer intelligence platform that helps organizations make better, more informed decisions…faster.


Suzy™ helps you create...

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Products people love

Suzy™ helps innovation and R&D teams validate critical assumptions so they can focus on creating the most compelling new products and services. 

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Campaigns people want

Suzy™ lets brand managers truly understand their consumers and develop the most effective marketing strategies, campaigns and content.

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Offers people need

Suzy™ is used by top advertisers to target, test and validate direct offers that increase conversion, improve path-to-purchase and drive growth. 


Suzy™ is the voice of consumers 

Suzy™ is the perfect blend of art and science — a mix of human and artificial intelligence. Our platform is an unprecedented direct line of communication to your customer instantly, on-demand, and in real-time. 


Testing a new website layout? 
Need feedback on pricing?
Curious about the competition?

Just Ask Suzy.


Some of the biggest brands in the world trust Suzy™

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