Actionable insights at the speed of culture 

Suzy® is an on-demand consumer insights platform that connects you directly to your target audience to get real-time feedback on any business decision, big or small.


Suzy® Helps You Create…


Products people want

Suzy® helps Innovation and R&D teams rapid concept test with their actual consumers, accelerating pipelines from ideation through launch to get better products and services to market faster.



Insights teams need

Suzy® gives Research & Insights teams a consumer-centric market research strategy for a forward-looking view into trends to help them anticipate the next big thing while it’s still small.  



Ideas consumers love

Suzy® gives Marketing and Branding teams on-demand access to their customers to leverage real-time insights to rapidly test and refine campaigns, package design and messaging.


Some of the biggest brands in the world trust Suzy®

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Suzy®, winner of the 2019 Big Innovation Award



What our customers are saying


Suzy® is like having a focus group right in your pocket

Listening to consumers is not just important – it’s mission critical.


Hit the bullseye, every time

Reach the people you need with granular custom targeting parameters. Suzy® gives you the power to talk to the right people at the right time.



Powered by real consumers

Connect and re-connect with our always-on super panel of more than 1 million consumers. With Suzy®, the voice of your consumers is just a click away.



Delivered at the speed of culture

Ask a question and begin receiving answers in real-time. Our customers can expect 300 responses in under 60 minutes.


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Keep calm and follow-up

Suzy® is the only insights platform that lets you reconnect with responding consumers to keep the dialogue going. With Suzy’s re-targeting feature, you can easily optimize and further validate anything, anytime, anywhere.


Sometimes conventional wisdom is anything but.

See what Suzy Says about how your customers are feeling at this very moment, and get inspired to take action.

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