Insights at the speed of culture 

Suzy™ is a real-time consumer intelligence platform that connects you directly to your target audience to get instant feedback on any business decision, big or small.


Suzy™ helps you create…


Products people want

Suzy™ helps Innovation and R&D teams rapid concept test with their actual consumers, accelerating pipelines from ideation through launch to get better products and services to market faster.



Insights teams need

Suzy™ gives Research & Insights teams a consumer-centric market research strategy for a forward-looking view into trends to help them anticipate the next big thing while it’s still small. 



Ideas consumers love

Suzy™ lets Marketing and Branding teams leverage real-time insights from their consumers to rapidly test and refine campaigns, package design and messaging.



Some of the biggest brands in the world trust Suzy™

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Suzy™, winner of the 2019 Big Innovation Award 


Suzy™ is honored to count ourselves among the winners for the 2019 BIG Innovation Awards, presented annually by the Business Intelligence Group to recognize forward-thinking companies, products, and business leaders that bring new ideas to life.



What our customers are saying

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Suzy is like having a focus group right in your pocket

Listening to consumers is not just important – it’s mission critical.


Hit the bullseye, every time

Reach the people you need with granular custom targeting parameters. Suzy™ gives you the power to talk to the right people at the right time.



Powered by Real Consumers

Connect and re-connect with our always-on super panel of more than 1 million consumers. With Suzy™, the voice of your consumers is just a click away.



Delivered at the speed of culture

Ask a question and begin receiving answers in real-time. Our customers can expect 300 responses in under 60 minutes.



Keep calm and follow-up

Suzy™ is the only insights platform that lets you reconnect with responding consumers to keep the dialogue going. With Suzy™’s re-targeting feature, you can easily optimize and further validate anything, anytime, anywhere.


Sometimes conventional wisdom is anything but.

See what Suzy™ Says about how your customers are feeling at this very moment, and get inspired to take action.