Suzy Presents: Mom2020


Suzy Presents: Mom2020

The Definitive Guide to the Modern-Day Mom

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It’s clear that now more than ever, companies need to intuitively understand what moms want in order to create products and marketing strategies that truly resonate with this audience.

That’s why Suzy™ leveraged our consumer panel to investigate what makes the modern mom tick. 

To do this, we reached out to over 2,500 moms from all different backgrounds, income levels, age ranges, and ethnicities, and asked them questions about their shopping habits, stress levels, and more.

The end result is a brand new, 40+ page report titled Mom2020: the Definitive Guide to the Modern Mom – and we want to share what we learned with you.


Download the full report!

Each Monday for the next six weeks, we’ll pull out a few interesting data points from our full guide and post them here on the Suzy™ blog.

If you don’t want to wait to learn all you can about moms, you can also download a free PDF of the entire report right now, which contains deeper insights on:

  • Who the modern mom is and how she differs from past generations of mothers.

  • Key decision factors that moms use to make purchases for themselves and their families.

  • How moms interact with various forms of social media advertising.

  • What drives moms to choose restaurants or delivery over home cooking

  • How tired she is. (Hint: Very!)

We’ll see you back here on Monday with the next installment of our Mom2020 series – until then, check out the below schedule to see when each new part will be released, and stay tuned! 

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