Mom2020: How We Did It


Part 6: Mom2020 – How We Did It

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This is part 6 of Mom2020, an exploration into what makes the moms of America tick. Click here to view the rest of the articles in this series, or click here to download the full report from Suzy.


No matter what kind of you research you’re doing, it’s always important to cite your sources – and that holds true even if you’re a company that helps to facilitate market research, like Suzy is!

Now that we’ve spent a few weeks breaking down some of the most interesting insights we’ve pulled from our recent Mom2020 report, we wanted to let you in on the inner workings of our process so you can see how easy it is to use Suzy’s consumer insights platform to quickly gather high-quality data from consumers across the country. 

To start, we established the following criteria: We only wanted to talk to moms…

  • who had children under the age of 18,

  • who lived in the same household as their children, and

  • who were over the age of 18 themselves.

That way, we could hone in on the types of moms who are most likely to make financial decisions that relate directly to how they raise their children. (Our report also ended up focusing on residents of the United States, who make up the entirety of Suzy’s current consumer panel.)

Once we had these priorities in mind, we launched a screener question to identify the audience we were looking for, and came back with 3,865 responses from verified members – meaning that we substantiated the information they gave us about themselves made sure they were who they said that were. 

We also asked those 3000+ respondents another question related to what we were most curious about: how many moms are full-time homemakers, and how many work full-time and part-time in addition to maintaining their household? (You might remember this from the first part of our blog series, The Modern Mom!) 

Once we had this audience, we retargeted the rest of our mom-focused surveys to respondents who’d answered both questions, ensuring that they fit all of our guidelines.

Normally, gathering over 2,000 responses from survey takers all over the country takes several weeks to complete. For us, it only took about 6 days until we had the results we needed!


Best of all, now that we have this audience in place, we can continue to retarget them and ask them new questions as often as we need without the wasted time and effort it takes to capture new emails or re-field entire surveys.

For example, we could select our target audience of moms and ask questions like...

  • What do you drink most frequently during your day?

  • What time during the day do you decide if you’re going to cook at home or order delivery/takeout?

  • What's most important to you when it comes to selecting a pancake mix?

  • Why do you choose a certain brand of laundry detergent over others?

Are you a business manager with a burning question that you want to ask our mom panel? Get in touch with us directly and we can help you field it!

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To gain all of the valuable insights we discovered, check out our new 40+ page report, Mom2020: The Definitive Guide to the Modern Mom. Download for free today to learn more.

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