Mom2020: Food For Thought


Mom2020: Food For Thought

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This is part 3 of Mom2020, an exploration into what makes the moms of America tick. Click here to view the rest of the articles in this series, or click here to download the full report from Suzy.


Feeding a child is one of the most powerful and intimate moments a new mother can experience, especially for the 83% of U.S. women who breastfeed their babies. And although breastfeeding might not be a walk in the park, exactly, most of these moms can feel pretty safe in the knowledge that their children are getting the right nutrients without having to break the bank on expensive formulas.

However, once those children get old enough to eat solids (and old enough to realize that candy tastes really good), making sure they’re fed properly becomes a whole other ballgame – especially for the 52% of moms who are working outside the home more. Even when you take into account how picky kids can be, nutrition research is also a relatively new field that’s often subject to a lot of sensationalism and hype. Most moms with busy schedules don’t have a whole lot of energy to plan what to feed their kids on top of a full-time or part-time job, let alone cooking complicated meals or investigating current health trends.

Knowing that food is a huge and complicated subject for many families, Suzy set out to learn more about how today’s mom’s navigate their kitchens, and reached out to a consumer panel of over 2,500 mothers – 79% of which said they frequently cook at home – to find out more.

What We Learned

First, we asked our moms to select their top three biggest factors when deciding what kinds of meals to prepare for their families. Unsurprisingly, the most popular response suggests that moms want their home cooking to be quick and easy above everything else, followed closely by responses related to food cravings and family budget.

Q. Which of the following typically influence your decision on what to cook at home? (Select up to 3)

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When following up, we also learned that 36% of moms don’t decide whether they’re going to cook or order takeout in a given day until they’re on their way home from work! 

So, what’s the best way to help aid Mom feed their kids? Most of our consumer panel members told us that they keep track of things by prepping meals before hand:

Meal prep so all I have to do is add the ingredients and heat up. Lay the weeks worth of clothes out in cubbies so each day [so] they know what to wear.
— 57, Married, 2 kids, Ohio
I really like to keep a schedule so that I can better keep things on track. I like to meal plan for the week, sometimes make freezer meals that I can pop in the oven if needed, and I like to use things like grocery pick up instead of going in store.
— 30, Married, 3 kids, Kentucky
Packing lunches and snacks ahead of time helps save time for my family.
— 37, Single, 3 kids, Florida

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But how do you package “preparation” as a commercially available product? if you listen to a lot of podcast ads, then we’re guessing the first thing you thought of was meal delivery kits – direct-to-consumer services that promise to save time on food shopping by delivering pre-portioned ingredients, with step-by-step recipes, straight to the homes of their customers.

Although meal kits are gaining in popularity across the country, and are often available in 4-person portions, they haven’t really penetrated the market for families just yet. Only 36% of moms said that they’ve used or are currently using a meal delivery kit, compared to 64% who’ve never tried one.


Q. Have you ever tried a meal-kit delivery service?

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Suzy Says

Home-cooked meals are still the gold standard for most U.S. households, and the faster and easier they are to make, the better. But while meal kits companies might claim their services fill those requirements, the moms who do all the purchasing and cooking aren’t willing to bite just yet – meaning that there’s an untapped market for kits that can better position themselves towards feeding hungry families.

In the meantime, if you want to know which existing meal kit brands are currently gaining the most traction among moms, you can always download our full report to find out! 

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