The DTC Subscription Brands That Moms Like Best

The DTC Subscription Brands That Moms Like Best

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Direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands have changed how and where customers shop for consumable goods, but now they’re also disrupting how we give presents. When Suzy™ asked 2000 panel members if they were interested in gifting a monthly subscription box on a temporary basis to someone in their lives, 42% said that they were.

This result isn’t surprising considering how hard it is to find the perfect gift. On Mother’s Day, for example, it’s easy to rely on the old clichés of flowers, chocolate, or cookbooks (not that your mom probably wouldn’t love those, too!). But direct-to-consumer subscription boxes offer a level of convenience and variety that your average candy sampler just isn’t going to match.

So, which DTC monthly box subscription would make the best Mother’s Day gift for the moms in your life? More importantly for business owners, what kinds of products or subscriptions do moms prefer? Suzy™ decided to find out, and reached out to our tens of thousands of different mothers in our consumer panel.

What We Found

Suzy™ consulted our panel of more than 1 million consumers and engaged 1000 women between the ages of 16 and 55 who self-identified as having children at home. We asked them about various types of subscription services – from meal delivery kits like Hello Fresh to beauty boxes like Birchbox.

First, we wanted to determine the level of familiarity the moms had with subscription boxes.

Out of 1000 moms…


51% have encountered advertisements of subscription boxes


34% have had a friend recommend a subscription box to them


32% are currently subscribed to one or more monthly boxes


28% have cancelled a box subscription in the past

N=1040, 100%F, moms aged 16-55

Next, we retargeted the moms who said they were currently subscribed to these kinds of services. At 38%, a little less than half of this pool of survey-takers said they only receive one box.

How many subscription services or boxes are you CURRENTLY subscribed to?

Group 90.39.png

N=326, 100%F, moms aged 16-55


Then we asked these women to identify the categories of the boxes they receive. Overwhelmingly, the most popular subscriptions were ones devoted to makeup and beauty products – followed by jewelry and accessories, toiletries, and meal delivery kits.

What kind of subscription services are you CURRENTLY receiving?



Group 90.26.png


Group 75.png

N=326, 100%F, moms aged 16-55

Using our open-ended question tool, we dug deeper to ask what these women specifically enjoyed about their favorite monthly boxes. The biggest draws for most moms were getting to try a variety of high-quality products, deals and membership rewards, and receiving a special treat that was just for them. Some examples:

Ipsy is my favorite! For $10 a month I get 5 products, and the samples are not usually small. I love to try new makeup before purchasing a full size of something that I love! I can also earn points for reviewing and then redeem for more products!
My current favorite Subscription box is FabFitFun. They send me a variety of items including makeup, home items, exercise equipment, fashion and jewelry. I’ve been subscribed over a year now, it helps me get out of my comfort zone and try new items.
For sure Boxycharm is my all time favorite subscription box. Each box gives me something I want to try and since I have a baby I find myself always buying him stuff and forgetting to get myself something [so] this box is a life saver.

We also queried women who said they had cancelled subscriptions to ask them why. Most indicated the cost, a gradual decrease in quality, or an overabundance of unused products as deciding factors.

I had birchbox and barkbox which I cancelled both because it was getting expensive and I was not using a lot of the items before I got more.
I used to be subscribed to Ipsy and Birchbox. After several months with each service it became apparent that it was a waste of my money. While I enjoyed receiving a surprise in the mail, I almost never loved any of the products.

Finally, we went back to all 1000 survey-takers to determine their level of interest in specific categories of subscription boxes. Not surprisingly, makeup and personal care got the most amount of 5’s – but interestingly, the most 1’s went to alcohol and wine subscriptions like Club W.

On a scale of 1-5, with 1 being not at all interested and 5 being extremely interested, how interested are you in these types of subscription services?

Group 102.png

N=1000, 100%F, moms aged 16-55


Suzy Says

Many DTC subscription boxes market themselves on the value of convenience. They claim that delivering items – everything from groceries to toiletries and household products – on a regular basis saves subscribers time and money. You’d probably assume these box subscriptions would appeal to busy moms with hectic lifestyles, but you’d be wrong. The mothers that Suzy™ polled are generally much more interested in subscriptions that offered luxury and self-care items and access to products that they wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves.

This should be good news for consumer brands in the beauty and skincare space: if you want to reach moms as a target audience, partnering with makeup-specific beauty boxes  – or, in the case of large retail chains like Sephora and Walmart, creating your own beauty-specific box – is a fantastic way to reach them directly where they live.

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