Buying Into Lab-Grown, Clean Meat

Buying Into Lab-Grown, Clean Meat

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A recent report from the United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization claims that livestock occupies 26% of the planet’s fertile land. In addition, 33% of all cropland is devoted to feeding livestock. As income rises in the developing world, so does the demand for animal products, which will require more and more space for additional farmland and cropland. In addition to taking up a large amount of arable land, raising livestock for food contributes an estimated 15% of all global-warming emission, more than the entire transportation sector.

For these and other more economically pressing reasons, the U.S., Israel, and China have made massive investments into the creation of “clean meat”   – meat grown in a lab by cloning animal cells  – a white-space opportunity that will soon massively disrupt the meat industry and could one day completely eliminate the factory farming model.

The first affordable clean meat could hit shelves as early as 2020.

What We Found

To find out, we targeted 2000 people from our panel of more than 1.3 million consumers.

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We retargeted the meat eaters from this group to see whether they would be inclined to eat more fast food if clean meat options were on the menu. The mass production of livestock produced for the fast food industry creates one of the planet’s greatest environmental hazards, so getting these restaurants to add clean meat to their menus would have a positive, measurable effect on the environment.


And if you think that’s interesting, there’s more! Suzy retargeted  250 non-meat eaters to see if they would convert into clean-meat carnivores …

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Suzy Says

As investments in clean meat production continue to grow, food purveyors should pay close attention, as  “clean carnivores” represents a growing, new market to explore.

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