A former ad agency CEO has built what he calls the Siri for marketers, and brands including TD Bank and Kenneth Cole are already using it


Brands just got access to their very own always-on digital assistant.

Matt Britton, the former CEO of the Publicis-owned ad agency MRY, is unveiling a new tech platform called Suzy — which he says marketers will be able to use to collect a wide array of digital ad intelligence in real-time.

Brands can tap Suzy's self-service platform for a range of tasks, including market research to test the effectiveness of different ads – all within the span of a few hours. Suzy will pull these insights from a network of consumers that are a part of

Crowdtap, a marketing tech influencer company that Britton founded and currently heads.

Crowdtap was originally focused on helping brands use tech and data to find the right digital creators to partner with. But Britton said that influencer marketing had become saturated and over-commercialized. "So I knew that we had to evolve the model and pivot," he told Business Insider.

But he wanted Crowdtap to keep leveraging its biggest strength: its panel of a million-plus engaged users. So he added new functionality which lets marketers use this group to do everything from conducting rapid-fire surveys to testing different ads and targeting tactics, among other things.

The result is Suzy, which he hopes will answer marketers' questions as easily as digital assistants like Amazon's Alexa provide people with the weather.


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