Easily workshop your campaign and content with its intended audience.

Suzy™ gives your performance marketing a standing ovation.


Suzy™ lets brand managers truly understand their consumers and develop the most effective marketing strategies, campaigns and content.

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Key benefits


Know your audience

With so much competition out there, brand loyalty has become a perpetually moving target. Suzy™ keeps you on the front line by facilitating a deeper dialogue with your consumer to test campaign elements in real-time for real results.

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Be relevant

Market research by definition is retrospective. Never look over your shoulder again. Suzy™ provides unprecedented perspective into what’s ahead by instantaneously unpacking the actionable insights that are currently influencing your consumers’ purchase behaviors.

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Drive growth

When you fine-tune the creative components of a campaign in partnership with your consumer, you’re poised to see that campaign perform. Suzy™’s access to real-time digital focus groups makes that possible. A/B test concepts and messaging to supercharge growth opportunities.


Do more with less

So many decisions are made to get a campaign ready for deployment. With Suzy™, you can quickly validate each one as it presents itself instead of stockpiling a host of questions for a focus group. Have a fluid dialogue with your consumer throughout the process, then go into production with confidence.

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Suzy™: Key software features


Network of 1MM+

Connect with your target audience in real time using our real-time proprietary panel of more than one million consumers.

Unparalleled speed

Ask a question and immediately begin receiving answers in minutes...not days.

Find your target

Hit the bullseye every time with granular, custom targeting parameters.


Ask follow-up questions and continue the conversation with the exact same consumer audience.


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Make better, more informed decisions…faster.

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