Net Neutrality: A Tree Falls in the Forest

Net Neutrality: A Tree Falls in the Forest

But did everyone hear it?


If you work in the tech or start-up community, it’s likely you think yesterday’s decision by the FCC to walk away from net neutrality was a big deal. And you should  – it is a big deal. But let’s not forget to ask how this decision is being tracked and perceived outside of our own echo-chambers. Knowing this informs the larger conversation we’re all having.

Immediately after the news broke on Thursday (we’re publishing this on a Friday), we asked consumers three basic questions:

  • Did you hear about the news?

  • What do you make of it?

  • Where do you consume your news?

What We Found

Responses came in right after we launched the question, and a dominant trend emerged. After 24 hours, the results confirmed what we hoped wasn’t true. #AssumeNothing


Where do we go from here?

Democracy depends on a well informed electorate. We need to remember to include everyone in the conversation, and that starts with finding ways to have a broader conversation. Don’t assume your friends are talking about this   – ask. Then bring them into the conversation.

To read more about what the repeal of net neutrality means, read Matt B. Britton’s article The Punishing End Of Net Neutrality here on Medium.

For a great primer of what net neutrality is, watch Vox’s 5min video here.


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