PSFK & Suzy Present:
Closing the Loop With Sustainable Packaging

As single-use plastic waste becomes a global environmental crisis, consumer preference is shifting strongly towards sustainable options, driving brands to rethink their end-to-end supply chain and consider the environmental impact of their product’s packaging. From innovating with cutting-edge materials to post-consumer initiatives that remove the friction from refilling or recycling their items, this research paper explores how forward-thinking CPG brands are redesigning their packaging practices in order to connect with consumers over shared values while creating new revenue opportunities.

It is supported by best-in-class case studies, and insights collected from the PSFK x Suzy Sustainable Packaging Survey, an original survey of 500 US consumers conducted by PSFK and Suzy, the real-time consumer polling platform.


The Suzy™ x PSFK Sustainable Packaging Survey Panel

The survey was conducted on August 19th, 2019, based on 500 total responses from an online US panel population of adults age 18-65 with a 50/50 gender split. The survey consisted of 8 multiple choice questions. The entire survey took 2 hours to complete.

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