PSFK & Suzy Present:
The Gen Z Playbook

A must-have manual for brands and retailers to understand and engage with the next class of consumers, PSFK’s Forecast Z report decodes the shifting priorities, values and behaviors of Generation Z—a group defined by their ability to navigate fluidly between identities, communities, industries, and the physical-digital divide. 

Supported by best-in-class case studies, and insights collected from the PSFK x Suzy Gen Z Survey, an original survey of 1,000 consumers conducted by PSFK and Suzy™, the real-time consumer polling platform, Forecast Z provides a strategic framework and actionable takeaways for brands and retailers to reach Gen Z consumers.


The Suzy™ x PSFK Gen Z Survey Panel

The survey was conducted on July 8th, 2019, based on 1,000 total responses from an online US panel population of adults age 18-34 with a 50/50 gender split (500 between ages 18-24 and 500 between ages 25-34 in order to understand the difference between older Gen Z consumers and Millennials). The survey consisted of 7 open-ended and 19 multiple choice questions. The entire survey took 7 hours to complete.

About PSFK

PSFK is a business intelligence service that helps brands and retailers understand how to leverage innovation in retail and along the customer experience journey. Its members immerse themselves in progressive change with access to reports, newsletters and trends researchers.

About Suzy™

Suzy™ is an on-demand consumer insights platform that connects you directly to your target audience to get real-time feedback on any business decision, big or small.

Understanding Your Gen Z Consumer - Report Highlights

As the first truly digitally native generation, Gen Z perceives the world through a unique lens. Here are some highlights from The Suzy™ x PSFK Gen Z Survey Panel.

They Are Defined By Self-Expression and Open-Mindedness

  • Open-mindedness is the top generational trait for Gen Z, with 36% choosing it as the adjective that best describes their generation. This is an 8% increase over Millennials. 

They See Little Distinction Between Their On And Offline Lives

  • 34% of Gen Z say 'my online and offline selves are very similar' and 29% ‘see no difference between my online and offline selves.’ 

They Are Forging Their Own Paths

  • 55% of Gen Z feel that their generation is more entrepreneurial than previous generations.

They Seek Brands Whose Purpose Aligns With Theirs

  • 71% of Gen Z believe that brands and corporations should help them achieve their personal goals and aspirations.  

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