PSFK & Suzy Present:

The Food Service Debrief

Suzy™ is proud to support PSFK with the research behind the Food Service Debrief. This innovation report outlines the new trends and ideas developing that provide perfect delivery of personalized tastes. By looking at the innovation in fast casual and quick-service restaurants, executives from any industry can leverage technology to create a more convenient, dynamic customer experience. 

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The Suzy™/PSFK Food Service Panel

The survey was conducted in partnership with Suzy™ on June 7th, 2019 based on 500 total responses from an online U.S. panel population of adults age 18-55 with a 50/50 gender split. The survey consisted of 12 multiple choice questions focused on understanding consumer attitudes regarding fast causal and quick-service restaurant experience. We used a screener question, and only asked consumers who had visited a fast casual or quick-service restaurant in the last month. Some questions with less than 500 respondents were re-targeted based on how they answered certain questions. The entire survey took 2 hours to complete.

About PSFK

PSFK is a business intelligence service that helps brands and retailers understand how to leverage innovation in retail and along the customer experience journey. Its members immerse themselves in progressive change with access to reports, newsletters and trends researchers.

About Suzy™

Suzy™ is an on-demand consumer insights platform that connects you directly to your target audience to get real-time feedback on any business decision, big or small.

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