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How well do you know the modern mom?

Join our webinar on Mom2020: The Modern Mom, for a definitive guide on what makes moms tick.


Join us on Monday, August 12th @ 12PM EST. Register below today!

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The modern mom has changed in many ways over the last decade. In this webinar, Suzy will reveal some of the most interesting and actionable data points we’ve collected from over 2,500 moms in our consumer panel, including their approach to parenting, health & wellness, grocery shopping, dietary preferences, self-care strategies, and more – so you can learn exactly what makes the American mom tick and leverage those insights to create products and marketing campaigns that will truly resonate.

In this webinar, we will explore how the modern day mom approaches:

  • Who the modern mom is and how she differs from past generations of mothers.

  • Key decisions factors that moms use to make purchases for themselves and their families

  • How moms interact with various forms of social media advertising

  • What drives mom to choose restaurant or delivery over home cooking

  • How tired she is (hint: very).