functional food for thought

Super foods and new ingredients have quickly taken over Pinterest boards, grocery lists, and the marketplace. we wanted to learn why.

with so many health claims and new food functionality, we wanted to understand the consumer thinking behind this growing trend and what that means for consumable goods.

that's where Suzy went to work

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of consumers find themselves thinking about the effects that the food they eat has on their health and wellness more frequently now than in the past 1-2 years

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are likely to purchase food and beverages with added ingredients that benefit their health and wellness

we asked if they were willing to pay a premium to get those ingredients

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consumers identified the top 3 functional
ingredients they're seeking

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and for which of the following health claims are they
willing to pay a premium

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what we found

the role of food is evolving. consumers are increasingly concerned with the health effects of their dietary choices. new ingredients and functionalities are helping consumers take control of their future wellness.

want to unlock more actionable insights about consumer trends?

just ask Suzy.