Why We Abandoned the Office Holiday Card

Why We Abandoned the Office Holiday Card

Promoting action that reflects our company values in an always-on digital culture

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Since the beginning of time, companies have used the month of December and its holiday calendar to give thanks and send out end-of-the-year holiday cards. As we evolved to become a digital-first culture, this nostalgic tradition has, seemingly, remained intact.

This year we asked ourselves what we could do to take a first-principle approach to break the mold and invite an action oriented conversation  – which is what we do every day at Suzy.

Upholding internal values

Holiday cards are a one-way conversation with an ROI that goes unmeasured. As a company that creates tools to promote conversation and gather business intelligence, we wanted our year-end effort to speak to what we build and what we uphold.

Women's empowerment is a key pillar of our company values. (Fun fact: our company is 50/50 male/female.) As such, our team is committed to furthering the lives and careers of women around the world. So, this holiday season we decided to give a year-end gift to support women-centric organizations and leverage the digital tools at our disposal to ask for broad-based action.

Since we believe that impactful decisions should always be made by involving a wider community, we’ve asked our clients, their friends  – and, now you  – to help us make a smart, informed decision by visiting http://asksuzy.com/suzycares to vote for the organization of your choice.

Asking for action

This pivot towards a digital-only campaign has made the sentiment behind holiday giving more powerful and measurable. Our #SuzyCares page has grown to be championed by our clients who have graciously forwarded and shared our campaign on to their colleagues and networks. This charitable campaign isn’t just our effort now; it’s a joint effort with a larger community..

Put it to a vote

Take action and join in the #SuzyCares vote. Visit SuzyCares to learn more about the women-centric organizations we support and vote for the foundation of your choice. Once you vote, please take a moment and click “share” to forward your action on to your friends and ask them to take action too. We’ll let you know who the winner is before December 20th.


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