Suzy™ and the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs


On November 2, 2018, Suzy™, hosted more than 20 high school sophomores from the High School of World Cultures, a high school for recently emigrated students from over 32 nations.

The event was initiated by BUILD, a national nonprofit that works in partnership with high schools and businesses to support under-resourced youth with a hands-on education in entrepreneurship.

Starting in ninth grade, BUILD students work with peers and community mentors to develop business ideas, which they pitch to funders. Every year, the program awards funding to the best business by a 12th-grade team.

The Suzy™ platform allows users to ask targeted questions of Suzy™’s proprietary panel of over one million U.S. consumers and gather feedback in minutes. With these student teams still in the early stages of developing their products and marketing strategies, using Suzy™ allowed them to gather real-time consumer insights on the various aspects of their businesses, giving them direction on areas for refinement.  

“It was really interesting to see their products and the real-world problems they were solving,” said McKenzie Lawton, Suzy’s Manager of Product Membership. “We helped them use Suzy to get feedback on their products, to test things like market viability, pricing, and marketing concepts. For being sophomores in high school, they really showed mastery of this space and you could see how invested they were in these ideas.”


Inside the Suzy™ offices, BUILD’s 10th-grade students got a glimpse into a working company and had a chance to hear from employees across Suzy™’s organization to better understand the diverse backgrounds, roles, and responsibilities that comprise a technology startup.

The student groups then sat down with Suzy™ team members for feedback and insights into their product ideas. These focus groups were followed by a Shark Tank-style pitch of each group’s business concept. The winning pitch, a scented stress relief headband, earned its creators exclusive access to the Suzy™ platform to get broader consumer intelligence to further refine their winning product.

My experience at Suzy was something I’ll never forget,” said Stress Relief Band CEO, Bianca Pacheco. “I learned how to take feedback from professionals working in the business world and gained valuable insight into my team’s idea and company.


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Jon Resnik