Remember New Year’s Resolutions?

Remember New Year’s Resolutions?

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We’re almost at the three month mark since people have set their 2018 New Year’s Resolutions. We wanted to learn about the New Year’s resolutions that people choose and whether they’re progressing toward their goals or if they have melted with yesterday’s snow, so we surveyed 5,557 people between the ages 13 and 75 to learn from their experiences.

The Goals People Set for 2018

For 2018, respondents tend to set goals in one of three categories:

  • 54% say they want to improve their health.

  • 37% want to focus on their relationships.

  • 28% resolve to improve their finances.

These are understandable goals for people to set. So how well are they progressing?

Respondents Are Mostly Moving Toward Their Goals

Setting a goal doesn’t mean much if you don’t work toward achieving it. Unfortunately, 26% of people say that they haven’t started working toward their goals yet.

Many survey respondents say that they haven’t progressed towards their goals because they either don’t have the resources or they’ve set timelines that don’t start until later in the year.

The majority of people are making steady progress toward their goals. However, that doesn’t mean they’re doing perfect jobs. Only 27% of responders say that they’re making daily strides toward their goals, while 39% say that they tend to miss a few days here and there.

The fact that over 50% of people are doing something to reach their resolutions is great news. Changing behavior takes time, so it’s perfectly normal to fall short occasionally. What matters is that you keep trying.

Family Has a Huge Influence on Our Respondents

It turns out that family is the most popular support system for people working toward resolutions. 51% of respondents say that family helps them reach their goals. They rely on family members to hold them accountable or provide support while they struggle to meet their resolutions.

Interestingly, 52% of people say that their families played key roles in the resolutions that they chose.

Suzy™ Says

Our survey results show that people tend to choose resolutions that focus on health, relationships and money. We also found that having supportive friends and family members plays an important role in whether people meet their goals.

As of late March, our respondents are doing surprisingly well. If you need a little help meeting your goal, check out this YouTube video from Practical Psychology. You might find the perfect tip to keep you focused.

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